Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scone News - Hip Hop

I said-a hip-hop-hippity-hoppity…

Okay, maybe Mrs. Larkin should keep her day job and not try rapping, like Joaquin Phoenix. Good luck with that, Joaquin. But the Easter Bunny is really good at hip hop and he’s bound to be bigger than Lil’ Wayne. Keep your eyes open for Easter B. coming to a basket near you in a couple of weeks. His music video is jammin’. Check it:
Easter B

Anyone looking for Easter goodies can peruse the Spring 2009 Menu. Pick up only on April 11th, the Saturday before Easter. Just call about a week ahead to place your order. Check out the spring specials like the Burl Ives-inspired Lavender-Blue Dilly Dilly Scones. I took a bunch up to The Brookfield crew today and heard things like “very lovely floral undertones” and “inky/blue-colored berries with a classic terroir perfume of licorice, black currant liqueur, cedar, and spice.” Aw, heck, what they really said was “man, these are so good!” and “blueberries and lavender complement each other really well!”

And talk about sweet-tart – no, not the Botox-injected wannabe you saw jogging on the bike path in short-shorts, silly! I’m referring to my Key Lime Cupcakes – tangy, tart and really yummy. These will most definitely arouse your taste buds, and perhaps inspire you to take a walk on the bike path, too.


Mrs. Larkin

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