Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scone News - A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here are 10 of my favorite things I’ve come to appreciate in life, in no particular order:

Bacon - John Boy’s Farm

Especially when it’s already cooked and presented to me on a platter ready-to-eat, or maybe stuck in a Bacon-Cheddar Scone. Saturdays, 9 Pheasant Road, Pound Ridge, 11-4 p.m.

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto -
Cucina Fiorelli
Angela Fiorelli Carey, Personal Chef & Cooking Coach. Angela’s tomato pesto is like an instant party in a jar. Just get yourself a log of goat cheese and assemble both together with some breads/crackers for an awesome appetizer. Don’t forget to invite some friends over for the full party effect. For this and more of Angela’s kick-ass Italian foods, send her an email.

Bread - Chef Robert Ubaldo
Get his bread. Dip it in the pesto. You will see. He’ll be at the house with brother John Boy on Saturdays, 9 Pheasant Road, Pound Ridge, 11-4 p.m.

Coffee - Gorilla Coffee

Available at Near & Natural, 1 Court Road, Bedford Village. Roasted in Brooklyn, NY. It’s N&N’s house brew. AND you can buy it by the bag and brew it at home, which, let me tell you, is dangerous because you WILL become addicted to this stuff, but it is so worth it. Invite some friends over, impress the heck out of ‘em with your insanely delicious coffee, and say good riddance to your bad-coffee reputation.

Road Food - Swanky Frank’s

182 Connecticut Ave., Norwalk, CT, 203-838-8969. Their dogs are the BEST. Their fries are the BEST. Onion rings too. Just get everything. You won’t be disappointed. For serious. Stop there for lunch one day when you gotta do a Costco run.

Soap - Clean Ridge Soap Company

Do you know Mia the soap lady? Well I do, and her soap makes me happy, so get some! My fav is the liquid Kitchen Hand Soap – smells so citrus-y good and makes smelly smells disappear! Shazam! Just like that. Her lotions and candles are super-duper too.

Auto Body Repair - Star Auto Body

Mt. Vernon, NY, 914-668-8432 (okay, shameless plug for my brother Robert’s business – but he’s really goooood – a perfectionist like me.)

Kitchen and Bath- Euro Tile & Marble

Elmsford, NY, 914-347-7600 (another shameless plug – my brother-in-law Lucio does awesome kitchen and bath work. Visit his showroom on Main Street/Route 119.)

Dentist - Advanced Dental Care

Armonk, NY, 914-730-7373 (I’m shameless, right? Dr. Kamen, you ROCK! You might’ve seen her on Halloween in Pound Ridge – she was the really cool-looking vampire with the sharp-looking teeth.)

Scones - Mrs. Larkin’s Truly Scrumptious Scones and Baked Goods

Pound Ridge, NY. Well of course I’d be on this list, silly! Pick ‘em up on Saturday mornings at Pound Ridge Sunoco or Near & Natural in B. Village when you’re on your way to John Boy’s house. Or give me a call if you need something special. I get asked a lot “So Mrs. Larkin, what’s your favorite scone flavor?” I love them all, but in my book, the Cranberry-Orange (oh so good) is right up there with the Lavender-Blueberry (intoxicating aroma – makes me wanna do crazy things). But what you’re probably thinking is “That’s real nice, Mrs. Larkin, now make with the Bacon-Cheddar Scones!”

Hope you’re having a good December.


Mrs. Larkin