Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Thanks so much for coming out to the Pound Ridge Farmers Market last Sunday! It was PACKED! And I sold out around 2, which made me very happy.

Seems like you all enjoyed the Pound Ridge Chicks. One of my customers described them as “like a jelly donut, but fancier.” I like that.

For Easter, I’ll be taking orders for Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes with Marshmallow Peeps and/or Cadbury Mini Eggs. FYI, those Cadbury Mini Eggs are amazing. They remind me of the chocolate eggs I used to get at the Italian bakery when I was little, with the crispy sugar shell and the coating of chocolate inside. And the marshmallow peeps? Well, they’re just peep-freakin-tastic. Orders are pick up only next Saturday, April 23rd. Cupcakes are $2 each. Minimum order 1 dozen. Call me! Or email.

I will NOT be at the Farmers Market the next two Sundays. It’s Easter time in this Christian household, so we’ll be celebrating by going to church, eating a bunch of stuff like bunnies (the chocolate kind) and lamb (the real kind), coloring hard boiled eggs, and looking for Easter baskets filled with totally unnecessary tchotchkes and more candy to replenish the dwindling Halloween/Christmas/Valentine’s Day stash.

Should you need scones for Easter morning, just give me a holler, and you can pick those up on the Saturday before Easter as well.

Oh, and holla Mt. Kisco! FRANNIE'S GOODIE SHOP, the fabu self-serve fro-yo place next to the movie theatre, is now carrying Mrs. Larkin’s baked goods. Make sure to stop in and grab yourself a tasty treat!

I’ll be back at the Farmers Market on May 1st, which sounds crazy, cause that means this year is close to half over already. Yeesh. See you soon!


Mrs. Larkin