Friday, April 9, 2010

Back in the Scone Groove

Howdy, Scone Posse!

Well, Mrs. Larkin’s officially out of hibernation. I must say, I love everything about winter, and all its layers of clothing and unshaven legs. What I DON’T like about it is not seeing my Scone Peeps every weekend and shootin’ the breeze, talkin’ scones and such, not to mention the layer of blubber I tend to build up during those long, cold months. Sadly, it seems I’ve reached critical mass post-winter. So if you spy Mrs. Larkin with a scone, or any sugar-laced baked thingy going anywhere near her mouth, holler “Step away from the baked goods, Mrs. L!” or “Just say no!” or something equally compelling.

On to the important stuff…This Sunday, April 11th, at 11 a.m., the Pound Ridge Farmers Market will be kicking off in grand style. It’s Mrs. Silbersher’s 20th anniversary – so stop by Antiques and Tools of Business & Kitchen and wish her well! There will be barbecuing, antiquing, and food artisans galore, so I hope you’ll head out and see us all. I guess I don’t really consider myself an artisan, although a whole bunch of people tell me so. I just like to make tasty stuff for people and they, in turn, are happy because of it, and come back for more. And they pay me for it, so it’s doubly-good. Hmmm…sort of akin to a drug dealer. Okayyy, let’s change the subject.

For the big day, expect a multitude of scones in all sorts of flavors...

along with Crack Cookies...
(oh boy, there goes the drug reference again...)

and maybe a surprise or two, depending on whether or not I get my butt in gear today and tomorrow. Must. Overcome. Inertia. First. And drink copious amounts of coffee.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you guys what I’ve been up to over the winter (besides getting fat, and going to the orthopedist to get my knees x-rayed and him telling me I’m fat and that’s why my knees hurt.) You guys know I like food, right? There’s a new website out in the blogosphere called food52, which I’ve kinda grown addicted to. (Sconeman’s threatened to put a timer on the computer, so as to limit my habit, that’s how bad it’s gotten.) Anyway, check it out for yourselves. They have weekly recipe contests, and winners will be published in their book at the end of the 52 weeks. One of this week’s themes is SUGAR COOKIES and guess who’s a finalist?? Yep, me. So go the website, sign up, look at Mrs. Larkin's Sugar Cookie Recipe, pause and take awe in its beauty and simplicity...
and vote for me if you like it.

It’s especially important this week because the food52 folks and the Cook’s Illustrated experts (aka the Christopher Kimball empire) are going head-to-head with dueling recipes. So if I get to the next level, chances are I might meet with fame and fortune (or at the very least, a bounty of OXO kitchen tools). I’ll have samples on Sunday, so come by for a taste.

I’m going for my second cup of coffee now. And I’m feeling surprisingly motivated, so gotta run.


Mrs. Larkin