Sunday, January 13, 2008

I luv Nutella

I've been playin' around with this blog thing. I am so blog un-savvy, it's not funny. But I will make a feeble attempt, if only for your entertainment value. So bear with me.

The other night, or rather, many nights, (and days) our conversation goes something like this:
Me: "So, what do you guys feel like eating for dinner?"
Guys: "I don't know, what is there?"
"Grilled cheese?"
"What about pasta?"
The boy: "Yesssssss!"
The girl: "I don't feel like nachos."
"Okayyyyyy, how about Nutella crackers?"

Tonight, I actually cooked a meal...lasagna roll ups. Mix 15 oz. part-skim ricotta, (why can't they make it 16 oz.? Drives me crazy.), a handful of parmigiano reggiano, some diced mozzarella, a grating of nutmeg, dash of minced parsley, 2 eggs, and some salt. Next time, I'll use one egg; it was a little goopy. This gives you enough filling for 7 Ronzoni lasagna sheets, which I discovered after boiling the entire box. I wrapped up the leftovers and will do something inventive with them another day. I had a smidge of my leftover tomato sauce and a half jar of Rao's (very good stuff). Pour some sauce in bottom of baking dish. Spoon ricotta cheese mixture down length of lasagna pieces and roll up. Place on top of sauce in the baking dish. Fill baking dish with rolls and spoon more sauce and parmigiano over top. Cover with foil. Bake at 350 degrees (convection) for 30 minutes, then 10 minutes uncovered. Let sit 10 minutes. It was really yummy.

Good night!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day One!

Well, here goes nothin. My official scone blog. All scones all the time. And other stuff some of the time. Just one more venue to waste more time (mine and yours). But fun to read if you enjoy food like I do.

Bless me father, it's been weeks since my last scone. You know, with the holiday orders, and the holidays themselves, I haven't really wanted one. But I do love 'em, and I know that a lot of you do too. And I swear I'm developing carpal tunnel syndrome from making so many over the past several months.

Dinner tonight consisted of Trader Joe's frozen mini tacos for the boy, spaghetti with quick Alfredo sauce for the girl, and leftover chili dogs for me and the man. Now don't get me wrong, I love food and love to eat, but baking is my passion, so you see where dinners might be a little skimpy some nights. When I'm feeling guilty about this, I just don my "Slacker Mom" t-shirt that Santa got me and it's all good.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog and I will try my best to add to it frequently.