Monday, March 16, 2009

Scone News - Tighten Up

Sound the reveille! Mrs. Larkin’s Newsletter is back from hibernation! Boy, was it nice to take a couple months off. From writing my email, that is. Not from scone baking, which is a frequent occurrence here, dormant state or not. I must admit some days are more productive than others, like one day last month when I thought nothing of drinking a full pot of high-test coffee made with my new French press pot I got for Christmas. Haven’t pulled an all-nighter in a long while. But I did get a ton of stuff done that day!

So this year we’re all about tightening our belts, budgets, pocket books, bank accounts, wads, fists, lips, waistlines and so on. But rest assured, you can still get one of Mrs. Larkin’s honkin’ scones at the Pound Ridge Farmers Market starting April 19th. Same delicious, truly scrumptious scones. A virtual plethora of yummy goodiness awaits you. Meantime, please stop in and visit Near & Natural in Bedford Village and the Sunoco station in Pound Ridge to get your hands on one of these buttery babies. I hear they’re pretty darn good.


Mrs. Larkin

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