Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scone News - Yo Mama So Hungry

Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain last Sunday. Mrs. Larkin took off right quick when the scones started getting wet. Nothing worse than a wet scone, unless you’re dunking it into a cup of Mrs. Larkin’s mighty fine java. I met some newly addicted scone fans, who said I’m doing a world of good for the scone ecosystem in Westchester. Wow.

Let me tell you about the rave reviews the new Cinn-ful Scone got. Turns out it’s quickly becoming the new fav. It’s a scone with a multiple personality disorder…part scone, part cinnamon roll, part coffee cake. It’s bad (in a sugary good way.) It’s good (in a sugary good way.) Maybe we shoulda named it the Sybil scone. I kinda like Cinn-ful though. It’s catchy. Kinda naughty. Different. And interesting. So if you’d like to show Mom and all of her alter egos how much you love them, pick up a Cinn-ful Scone this Sunday, May 10th.

Not that there’s anything remotely funny about chemical addictions, BUT…..Mrs. Larkin’s highly addictive Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies are now available down on the corner at the Sunoco CafĂ©. (do you like how I’ve upgraded the ambiance by not saying gas station?) So if your brain desperately needs a cookie and you’re looking for a fix, stop in. Code words are “the scone lady sent me.” Karen and Tim will fix you up lickety split. And you’ll feel good in no time.

Hope to see you on Mother’s Day at the Pound Ridge Farmers Market, where I’ll be working my patootee off, hawking my baked goods, when I should be laying on the couch eating bonbons, and having Mr. Larkin peel me grapes. (is the guilt mojo working? I guess I’ll find out on Sunday.)


Mrs. Larkin

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