Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mrs. Larkin's Life on the Street

Seen and heard at the Pound Ridge Farmers Market:

Jogging Man with Oven Mitts, carrying Walkman, wearing stereo headphones. (It was a chilly day. Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear, his mittens he has lost!)

Ralph Lauren driving TO New Canaan in his bright yellow fancy car.

Famous lady wearing loosely-wrapped sarong. Peek-a-boo!

A few of the more colorful characters: Cockatoo; Cockapoo; Labradoodle; Goldendoodle; Wirehaired Dachsund; Bernese Mountain Dog; mutts; Barney and Betty, the most beautiful German Shepherds I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Ralph Lauren, driving back FROM New Canaan, in his bright yellow fancy car. Hey Ralph, how come you never stop?

Famous NY restaurant guy said my Lavender-Blueberry scones are very good! Yippee!

Harvey Fierstein crossing to the other side. Of the street.

Talking scones with one of my favorite NY Times food writers.

Way-too-much-botox lady with side cleavage. I know some guys enjoy the side cleavage thing, but at the farmers market???? Pu-lease! Here’s Mrs. Larkin’s conversation with Way-too-much-botox lady: ML: “Hi! How are you?” WTMBL:“I’m staaaaaaar-ving!” ML: “Well, you are in the right place, then!” WTMBL: “No, I’m not! I’m on a diet!” Surprisingly, she did not buy anything from anybody.

3rd graders saving the universe bake sale. Bring it, girls! Mrs. Larkin’s takin’ you DOWN! (I am seriously just kidding here.)

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