Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scone News - I See Hungry People

Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays…whether you’re Christian, Jewish, the electric company or a turkey farmer. You can add scone bakers onto that list too. Well, I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, but now I love it more because I’m making a bunch of stuff for the smart cookies who placed their holiday scone orders. It’s like a circle of love… you love my scones (they make you happy), I love to bake (it makes me happy), and the electric company loves me right back, (I’m sure I’m making them very happy). I’m grateful to you all, even the electric company, for giving me the opportunity to do what I love.

While you’ve got that 20-pounder roasting away for half the day, and if you’re like me and need your Christmas music the second people start talking turkey, you might want to peruse my new holiday playlist on the scone blog. There’s something for everyone…rap singers, chain blingers, Linus, Lucy and Johnny Mathis. It’s not necessarily all Christmas music…I threw in the Hanukkah song and some Nirvana (no, really, it sounds like a cold, snowy day). Check it out below.

Hope to see you this Sunday, November 30th, at the Pound Ridge Farmers Market. It’s the last one of the season, can you believe it? I’ll be there at 11:00 a.m. But make haste! I don’t think I’ll be there very long, so come early if you can. Otherwise, I’ll be taking orders throughout the winter. Just call me at 764.7699 and place your scone order of a half-dozen or more for pick up.

And don’t forget, I’ll still be delivering to Near & Natural in Bedford Village. And stop in to see the new and improved Sunoco station (formerly known as the Shell station) here in Scotts Corners, where you might have noticed the prices have dropped closer to where your 401K can afford. That is, if you’ve still got one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Mrs. Larkin

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