Friday, October 17, 2008

My friends, magical things are happening in Pound Ridge. Free pizzas, scones on Sunday, pots of gold. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. A pot of gold would be nice, but we’ll settle for a free pizza from Pinocchio’s in Scotts Corners. Seriously, they are giving away the pizza. And it was very good. So I urge you to call them, because I don’t know how long the magic will last. I’m guessing 11:00 p.m. cause that’s when they close on Fridays.

Upon receiving your free pizza, you’ll probably feel inclined to come to the scone stand on Sunday, October 19th, to thank Mrs. Larkin personally, and maybe buy a scone or two. If you don’t live in or near Pound Ridge, take your chances and come up on Sunday. The magic might still be lingering.

The Ginger-Pear Scones were a huge hit last week. Mrs. E. came by with the Welsh-folk, who are visiting from across the pond, and picked up a few flavors. They liked them so much, they came back for more. Which was a really nice compliment. I’ll have Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hungarian Shortbread, too. But wait! There’s more! Choco-Choco Chip Scones. And Pumpkin Scones. And Blueberry. And Cranberry-Orange. And Chocolate Chip. Scones aplenty.

Don’t forget – get your holiday orders in early. I’ll have holiday menus available at the scone stand on Sunday.



Mrs. Larkin

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